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Services for AMSL Law Students

Members of the Ave Maria School of Law community may renew circulating materials if no holds are pending.  Contact us ( to request a renewal.

The library locates, for Law School faculty and students, materials that either are not a part of this Library's collection, or are not readily available. The staff borrows these requested materials from other public, private and university libraries. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at or (239) 687-5504.

WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.



Off Campus Usernames/Passwords


As AMSL law students, you can log on to most legal databases and web pages from any location around the world. If you require an access code, please contact the AMSL librarians.  You will have access to legal databases such as:


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Overview: Ave Maria School of Law Library

AMSL students and public patrons with library cards can borrow books, free of charge, from the AMSL Law Library.

AMSL law students also can request books online from other libraries, and these books will be delivered to the AMSL Law Library Circulation Desk.

This service is provided to students through Inter-Library Loan. Also, WorldCat allows you to search worldwide.

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  • Portal to all AMSL Libraries materials and services

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  • Search for materials within AMSL Library

Inter-Library Loan

  • Request materials outside of the Law Library

Renewing Items

  • Renew AMSL Library materials

    AMSL Law Library

    Law Library Information

    AMSL Law Library Hours of Operation
    View the hours of operation of the AMSL Law Library.  We follow an academic schedule, meaning that our hours are shortened during law school holidays and summers.

    AMSL Law Library Tours
    Student tours are provided by the library staff and are scheduled during the fall semester. The tours are generally 30-minute long training sessions to acquaint new students with the Library’s complex structure and to demonstrate the research potential of its electronic environment. Additional tours may be scheduled throughout the year but are limited in order to keep the library quiet for its primary purpose of study and research.

    AMSL Law Library Services
    This page describes the current services the AMSL Law Library provides to students and faculty.



      1. Research Databases

        Law Reviews & Journals

        1. Online Legal Periodicals Indexes: A bibliographic database that cites articles from legal periodicals (1980-current) and indexes law books (1993-current). Periodical coverage includes law reviews, bar association journals, university publications, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications.

        2. HeinOnline: Touted as “A modern link to legal history,” HeinOnline contains multiple library collections, such as the Law Journal Library, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register Library, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Treaties and Agreements Library, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, U.S. Supreme Court Library—just to name a few.

        3. Google Scholar A fantastic (and free) search engine which you can use to search for law review articles online. More often than not, the search will simply redirect you to the article in HeinOnline's database.

      2. Legal News

        1. LexisNexis Legal News Sources

        2. Westlaw's Legal News Databases

        3. LexisNexis Academic Universe

        4. HeinOnline


      Items of Interest

      Featured Librarian

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      Ulysses Jaen

      AMSL Law Library Books on Legal Research & Writing

      The following books are part of the AMSL Law Library Collection. Click on the linked title to see the catalog record (for location and status of the item). Many of these books are located On Reserve behind the Ciruculation Desk, as indicated.

      Cover Art
      Academic Legal Writing - Eugene Volokh; Alex Kozinski (Foreword by)
      Call Number: KF250 .V65 2007
      ISBN: 9781599411958
      Publication Date: 2007-07-01

      Cover Art
      Basic Legal Research - Amy E. Sloan
      Call Number: KF240 .S585 2006
      ISBN: 0735556539
      Publication Date: 2005-12-23

      Cover Art
      Just Research - Laurel Currie Oates; Anne Enquist
      Call Number: KF240 .O18 2005
      ISBN: 0735552959
      Publication Date: 2005-04-15

      Cover Art
      Legal Research - J. Myron Jacobstein; Mersky; Roger Dunn
      Call Number: KF240 .J322 2002
      ISBN: 1587780666
      Publication Date: 2002-07-30

      Cover Art
      Legal Research - J. Myron Jacobstein; Mersky; Roger Dunn
      Call Number: KF240 .J32 2002
      ISBN: 158778064X
      Publication Date: 2002-07-25

      Cover Art
      Legal Research in a Nutshell - Morris L. Cohen; Kent Olson
      Call Number: KF240 .C54 2010
      ISBN: 0314180079
      Publication Date: 2010-05-28

      Cover Art
      The Process of Legal Research - Christina L. Kunz
      Call Number: KF240 .P76 2004
      ISBN: 073553666X
      Publication Date: 2004-06-30