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Family Court in New York by Ruth Rivera: Home

Family Court in New York Research guide

Family Court In New York

This video provides a brief introduction to Family Court in New York.

Family Court Terminology

Family Court Terminology

Each court has their own terminiology and family court is no different. This is an example, followed with a link with a comprehensive list of definitions.
“defendant” is called the “respondent” and a “plaintiff” is called the “petitioner.” There are no “trials” but “fact-finding hearings,” no sentences but “dispositions.” A respondent in a juvenile delinquency proceeding does not “plead guilty” but “admits” the allegation.

New York State Court System

· Supreme Court: Unlike in the federal system, the New York trial courts are called the Supreme Courts. There are also the Courts of Claims, the Family Courts, the Surrogate’s Courts, and outside NYC, the County Courts. There are additional trial courts with limited jurisdictions.

· Appellate Division: Is the intermediate appellate court in New York. In New York, there are four Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court, one in each of the State’s four Judicial Departments.

· Court of Appeals: Is the highest court in New York State. The Court of Appeals articulates state-wide principles of law, generally focusing on broad issues of law.

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