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Domestic Drones & the 4th Amendment by Daniel Holt: Home


Domestic "Drone" Use and the 4th Amendment:

"Searching" for the Answer


The use of "drones" is a topic of great and growing importance to many Americans in tune with recent technological breakthroughs and revelations.  In particular, given the varied and expanding capabilities of drone aircraft, it is no surprise that American society's consciousness of drone use is increasing.  Of particular interest (or perhaps unease) is the development and expansion of domestic drone use.  The entire spectrum of issues regarding domestic drone use is vast and complex.  Therefore, it is important to narrow the focus to a specific, manageable subtopic. 

For the purposes of this guide, I have limited the subtopic to domestic drone use in the context of 4th Amendment "searches" by federal authorities.  The intent is to allow for specificity throughout the research process, while at the same time providing a framework for general applicability for future use to most readers.  This guide attempts to provide the reader with an introduction to relevant concepts and contexts, and should only be considered a basic starting-point in the search for answers to the legal and policy questions surrounding this topic.


No Legal Advice Provided

The material in this research guide is intended to provide only general information and commentary.  It is created for educational purposes only.  Although we make our best efforts to ensure that the information found here is accurate and timely, we cannot - and do not - guarantee that the information is either. Nor do we guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on websites to which this guide provides links.

Do not, under any circumstances, rely on information found in this guide as legal advice.  Legal matters are often complicated.  The law changes frequently and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Being general in nature, the information and materials provided in this guide may not apply to any specific factual and/or legal set of circumstances.  For assistance with your specific legal issue or inquiry please contact a knowledgeable lawyer who practices in your area of need.  The State Bar Association is ordinarily a good source for referrals of competent attorneys.

No Lawyer-Client Relationship Created

This guide does not create in any way, shape, or form an attorney-client relationship.  Once again, no attorney-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied.  In addition, any information sent by email through the internet is not confidential and does not create a lawyer-client, advisory, or fiduciary relationship.

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