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Helping to Serve Our American Heroes Returning Home: Filing a Reemployment Suit for a Disabled Military Veteran by Christina Pasquali: Home


Every year, thousands of  service members leave the military with a disability.  However, disability discharge is only considered after medical treatment has failed to return a soldier to full duty.  Many soldiers  meet the qualifications for military, Veteran's Administration (VA) and Social Security Administration benefits. As a result, Congress created various laws that give excellent benefits for veterans, which work together to provide a good system for their disability compensation. Unfortunately, these systems can be confusing and daunting for veterans trying to recover under these legal plans. One example would involve veterans trying to return to the civilian with a new burden on their shoulders, adjusting to their disability.

This guide will examine how to file a reemployment suit for disabled veterans based on various laws and legislations, along with the benefits that disabled veterans are entitled to receive from the government.  Then, this information will be incorporated into the necessary procedures and forms in order for these veterans to understand how their attorney is going to obtain their correct and proper disability compensation.


All information conveyed in this guide is strictly for educational purposes. This selectiive information should not be interpreted as legal advice. You should always consult an attorney to determine your legal rights.

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