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Warrantless searches in the state of Florida by Veronica Rivera: Introduction

warrantless searches in the state of Florida Research guide

Table of Contents


àResearching Basics



o   United States

o   Florida


Secondary Sources

o   Types of Sources

o   Library Search Box

àA.L.R., Federal Criminal Handbook, Florida Jurisprudence, Wharton’s Criminal Procedure, Exclusionary Rule


Case Law

o   Table of Contents for Cases

àVarious Cases



o   Federal Criminal Procedure Rules

o   Florida Criminal Procedure Rules

o   Additional Florida and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure


o   Federal Regulations

o   Florida Regulations

o   Researching Tools



o   Federal Evidence Rules

o   Florida Evidence Rules

àFlorida Rules of Professional Responsibility



o   Federal Prosecutor Forms

o   Federal Defense Forms

o   Florida Prosecutor Forms

o   Florida Defense Forms

o   Miranda Rights

Trial Materials

o   Sample Briefs and Motions

o   Helpful Links

o   Trial Notebook Materials

o   Steps for Warrant Requirement and Exceptions

o   Information on Interrogatories and Depositions

o   Case Evaluator

About This LibGuide

This research guide attempts to assist anyone looking into the law of warrantless searches in the state of Florida. Additionally, this guide touches on other useful areas such as the warrant requirement, the Miranda rule, and rules of evidence. Lastly, there are forms and other trial materials available. This guide does not discuss seizures under the Fourth Amendment.


Unreasonable Search and Seizure Video

Understanding This LibGuide

General and Additional Information is provided in Purple background boxes.

Understanding This LibGuide

Federal Information is provided in Blue background boxes.

Understanding This LibGuide

Florida Specific Information is provided in Green background boxes.

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Legal Disclaimer

This libguide is not providing legal advice in any way and should only be used as a starting point in researching the area of warrantless searches.

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