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Verde, Brandon: Introduction

Class of 2016

Probable Cause v. Reasonable Suspicion


This research guide will assist anyone who is trying to learn more about Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion in the state of Florida. Furthermore, this guide will differentiate the two doctrines of Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion by the use of judicial opinions and secondary sources. Lastly, within this guide will be trial materials and forms included.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Constitutions

III. Secondary Sources

  • American Law Reports
  • Law Review Journal
  • Florida Jurisprudence
  • American Jurisprudence

IV. Case Law

  • Reasonable Suspicion Standard
  • Terry Stop
  • Stop and Frisk
  • High Crime Area
  • Anonymous Tip

V. Statutes

VI. Regulations

VII. Evidence

VIII. Forms

VX. Trial Materials

Standards of Proof Chart

Standard of Proof

The following picture presents the levels of proof

Probable Cause versus Reasonable Suspicion

Probable Cause versus Reasonable Suspicion

The following picture shows the difference between Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion

Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion

Legal Disclaimer

No Legal Advice Provided

This libguide is not providing any legal advice and should be used only as a researching aid for probable cause and reasonable suspicion. The material found on this libguide is intended to only provide general information. This research guide is created for educational purposes only.

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