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Stand Your Ground and Self Defense in Florida by Charnele Tate: Home

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Please note that no attorney-client relationship has been created. All information provided by this guide is for instructional purposes only and should not be construed or considered to be legal advice.  You should always consult an attorney to determine your legal rights.

"Stand Your Ground" in the News (CNN)

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Introduction to this Lib Guide

The purpose of this lib guide is to serve as a tool for practicioners and law students interested in conducting thorough research on Florida's Stand Your Ground law. This law has been a popular topic recently due to the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and the George Zimmerman trial in the summer of 2013. This case and the subsequent media coverage has drawn considerable criticism and attention to Florida, and it appears as though the controversy surrounding the law has only grown stronger since it was enacted in 2005. 

Case Outcomes with Stand Your Ground Law

Source: Tampa Bay Tribune 

Understanding this Lib Guide

Florida specific information is provided in boxes with a PURPLE backround. 

Understanding this Lib Guide

Federal information is provided in boxes with a GREEN background. 

Understanding this Lib Guide

General Information is provided in boxes with a BLUE background. 

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