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Stand Your Ground and Self Defense in Florida by Charnele Tate: Law Reviews

Florida State University Law Review

Florida Legislation--The Controversy over Florida's New "Stand Your Ground" Law--Fla. Stat. § 776.013 (2005)

This article discusses the controversy and debate surrounding the Florida Legislature's expansion of the justification defense of self-defense effective October 2005.  

Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy

Stand Your Ground: Florida's Castle Doctrine for the Twenty-First Century

This note describes how the "castle doctrine" evolved into the current Stand Your Ground law.  

University of Miami Law Review

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law: The Actual Effects and the Need for Clarification 

This article describes how Florida's Stand Your Ground law has affected the state's criminal justice system. 

Nova Law Review

Up in Arms Over Florida's New "Stand Your Ground" Law

 This note details the contoversy and the events leading up to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. 

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