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Ave Maria Law Library Welcome Guide: Ave Maria Law Library Welcome Guide Home

This guide will introduce the AMSL Library's Circulation & Reference Services.

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Printing at the Library

To print from the Law Library computer, simply log in with your student id and password. You can also print to the Law Library printer via your own computer. To connect to the printer, simply follow these instructions:

1. From your browser, go to this website: http://printers:9191 and log in.

2. From this web-based app, you will be able to print to the Student Follow-Me printers.

3. Once logged in, click submit a job/select the printer/amount of copies/upload the document and print.

4. After you have printed the document, you will need to access one of the follow-me printers (located in the library and West Hall) to release the printed materials.

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Welcome to the Law Library

Introduction to the Ave Maria School of Law Library

All law students should have a working knowledge of the print and online resources of the Ave Maria School of Law Library.  Here's a few reasons why: 

RWA: All 1Ls must take this year-long course in basic legal research and writing.  This guide will help ALR students become more familiar with the print and online resources of the Ave Maria School of Law Library.

Law Review/Moot Court: The process of writing a student note for law review (or a brief for Moot Court) naturally involves a great deal of legal research.  Also, students on law review perform cite-checking for professors, which requires traditional and interdisciplinary legal research. 

Faculty Research: Many 2Ls and 3Ls obtain positions as faculty research assistants at the Ave Maria School of Law.  This guide will help research assistants locate and review faculty profiles to decide who they want to contact about research.

Post-Graduate Research: Although many law firms provide free access to Westlaw or LexisNexis for their summer interns and associates, it is likely that at some point in your legal career you will find yourself without a legal database subscription.  In that case, the Ave Maria School of Law Library is a good resource to fall back on.  The Law Library also offers print materials that most law firms do not have access to (such as historical FL/federal legislative histories).  If you work for a local firm, you never know when you will be sent to the Law Library for a project!   

Although hyperlinks are provided throughout this guide, the following pages will include links to most of these resources:

Includes links to the Law Library's catalag, Aquinas, databases A-Z, Interlibray Loan, and detailed information about our services and resources

Includes the basic/advanced search for the AMSL Libraries catalog.  Also has links to search tips.

Provides Library information, legal research links, services offered, etc

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AMSL Resources

Encore - Library Catalog

Items may be searched by title, keyword, author, subject, or call number.  For more search options, click on "Advanced Search" or access the catalog from From the advanced page, you may also limit your search to certain materials (e.g. print, DVD, or microform) or to certain locations (e.g. reserve items or stacks). However you search, when you do pull up an item record you will notice listings for location, call number, and status. The location indicates in what part of the library the item is kept (e.g. classified, reserve, General Collection), the call number listing tells you the Library of Congress call number assigned to that book within that section of the library, and the status listing indicates whether the book is checked out or available. If checked out, the due date will be listed.

Databases A-Z

The  Databases A-Z list reflects the online databases to which the Law Library subscribes so that our faculty and students have access to the most up-to-date resources possible. 


The e-Resources reflects the online journals, resources and databases to which the Law Library subscribes so that our faculty and students have access to the most up-to-date resources possible.

Research Guides

AMSL offers an ever increasing number of research guides on various topics of law.

Ave Maria School of Law Library Information

Ave Maria Law Library Collection

The Ave Maria School of Law Library supports the mission of the school by providing a core research collection and a research environment that includes print and electronic formats. The collection is especially strong in Legal History, Legal Ethics, Bioethics, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Legal Ethics and Canon Law. The Library’s materials can be located through AQUINAS, the law library online catalog.

The Library subscribes to numerous electronic resources, and the law school community has virtually unlimited access to the Lexis and Westlaw legal resources databases. Students receive their passwords to these services as a part of their Research, Writing and Advocacy courses. The law library also subscribes to many web-based database resources. These materials can be accessed from the library’s Databases A-Z web page both from on campus, and, in most cases, from off campus using the bar code found on the front of the School-issued ID card.

Law Library Hours

View the hours of operation of the Ave Maria School of Law Library. We follow an academic schedule, meaning that our hours are shortened during law school holidays and summers.

Library Services for Ave Law Students

This page describes the current services the Ave Law Library provides to students.

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AMSL Welcome Guide

History of the Ave Maria School of Law

Ave Maria School of Law was founded in 1999 through the generosity of Mr. Thomas S. Monaghan, a well-known philanthropist. Mr. Monaghan sold Domino’s Pizza in 1998 and decided to use the profits to advance a number of important causes, including Catholic legal education. The Law School’s first class began studies in August 2000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In August 2005, the Law School received full accreditation by the American Bar Association. Following a multi-year study, the Law School relocated to southwest Florida during the summer of 2009.

Ave Maria School of Law was envisioned as a law school that would provide a premier legal education enhanced by the Catholic intellectual tradition that recognizes the existence of objective moral truths and the inherent dignity of every human being. Ave Maria hopes that its graduates will see the practice of law not as a separate compartment of their lives, but as an extension of lives lived in conformance with objective moral truths. It seeks to accomplish this by developing in its students the knowledge and skills critical to the intelligent practice of the profession. The Law School further seeks to develop in its students a mature judgment informed by exposure to Catholic moral and social teachings through which those students can analyze and approach problems and issues they will face in practice.

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