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Ave Maria Law Publications: Myers

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Professor Myers

Richard S. Myers

Professor Myers began his legal career clerking for Judge John F. Kilkenny of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He then worked for Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue in Washington, D.C., focusing on antitrust law and appellate litigation. He began his teaching career at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and later taught at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Professor Myers is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Kenyon College and graduated first in his class from Notre Dame Law School.


Re-Reading Roe v. Wade, 71 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1025-1046 (2014).

The Implications of Justice Kennedy’s Opinion in United States v. Windsor, 6 Elon L. Rev. 323-335 (2014).

Reflections on the Twentieth Anniversary of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, in LIFE AND LEARNING XXII: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-SECOND UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE (Joseph W. Koterski, ed.)(forthcoming).

A Comment on “The Constitutional Law and Politics of Reproductive Rights,” in LIFE AND LEARNING XX: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTIETH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE (Joseph W. Koterski, ed.)(forthcoming).

Same-Sex Marriage, Education, and Parental Rights, 2011 BYU Educ. & L. J. 303-322.

Assessing the Legal Bases for Conscientious Objection in HealthCare, in LIFE AND LEARNING XVIII: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE EIGHTEENTH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE 57-82 (J. Koterski ed. 2011).

The Right to Conscience and the First Amendment, 9 Ave Maria L. Rev. 123-139 (2010).

Current Legal Issues Regarding Rights to Conscience in Health Care, 16 Josephinum J. Theology 394-410 (2009).

The Supreme Court and Abortion: The Implications of Gonzales v. Carhart (2007), in LIFE AND LEARNING XVII: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE SEVENTEENTH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE 103-128 (J. Koterski ed., 2008).

Pope John Paul II, Freedom, and Constitutional Law, 6 Ave Maria L. Rev. 61-83   (2007).

The Ten Commandments Cases and the Future of the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment, 11 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 245-258 (2006).

The Public Policy Doctrine and Interjurisdictional Recognition of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships, 3 Ave Maria L. Rev. 531-548 (2005).

Reflections on the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Case, in LIFE AND LEARNING XIV: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTEENTH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE 27-49 (J. Koterski ed., 2005); reprinted at 11 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 65-86 (2006).

Reflections on “Looking Back on Planned Parenthood v. Casey,” in LIFE AND LEARNING XIII: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTEENTH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE  3-19 (J. Koterski ed., 2004).

A Critique of John Noonan’s Approach to Development of Doctrine, 1 St. Thomas L.J. 285-306 (2003).

School Choice: The Constitutional Issues, 8 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 167-181 (2003).

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: A Current Legal Perspective, in LIFE AND LEARNING XI: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE ELEVENTH UNIVERSITY FACULTY FOR LIFE CONFERENCE 3-27 (J. Koterski ed., 2002).

Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Current Legal Perspective, 1 Nat’l Cath. Bioethics Q. 345-361 (2001).

Same-Sex “Marriage” and the Public Policy Doctrine, 32 Creighton L. Rev. 45-66 (1998).

Reflections on the Teaching of Civic Virtue in the Public Schools, 74 U. Det. Mercy L. Rev. 63-91 (1996).

An Analysis of the Constitutionality of Laws Banning Assisted Suicide from the Perspective of Catholic Moral Teaching, 72 U. Det. Mercy L. Rev. 771-786 (1995).

A Comment on the Death of Lemon, 43 Case W. Res. L. Rev. 903-915 (1993).

The Supreme Court and the Privatization of Religion, 41 Cath. U.L. Rev.19-80 (1991).

Curriculum in the Public Schools:  The Need for an Emphasis on Parental Control, 24 Val. U. L. Rev. 431-40 (1990).

The End of Substantive Due Process? 45 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 557-621 (1988).

The Establishment Clause and Nativity Scenes:  A Reassessment of Lynch v. Donnelly, 77 Ky. L. J. 61-115 (1988-89).

Pro-Life Litigation and the American Civil Liberties Tradition, in ABORTION AND THE CONSTITUTION:  REVERSING ROE v. WADE THROUGH THE COURTS 23-56 (D. Horan, E. Grant & P. Cunningham eds., 1987).

The Burger Court and the Commerce Clause:  An Evaluation of the Role of State Sovereignty, 60 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1056-1093 (1985).

Document Control, in ANTITRUST COUNSELING AND LITIGATION TECHNIQUES (von Kalinowski ed., 1984) (with Donald I. Baker).

Note, The Internal Revenue Service’s Treatment of Religiously Motivated Racial Discrimination by Tax Exempt
, 54 Notre Dame Law. 925-951 (1979).

Case Comment, 54 Notre Dame Law. 438-464 (1979).

Book Reviews

Book Review, 19 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 249-251 (2014)(reviewing Charles E. Rice, Right or Wrong? 40 Years Inside Notre Dame (2013)).

Book Review, Rethinking the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment: Reflections on Recent Scholarship, 13 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 201-212 (2008)(reviewing NOAH FELDMAN, DIVIDED BY GOD; AMERICA’S CHURCH-STATE PROBLEM—AND WHAT WE SHOULD DO ABOUT IT (2005) and PATRICK M. GARRY, WRESTLING WITH GOD: THE COURTS’ TORTUOUS TREATMENT OF RELIGION (2006)).

Book Review, 70 Linacre Q. 176-179 (2003) (reviewing ARTHUR J. DYCK, WHEN KILLING IS WRONG: PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDE AND THE COURTS (2001)).


Book Review, 23 Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly 46-47 (2000)(reviewing COMMON TRUTHS: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON NATURAL LAW (E. MCLEAN ed., 2000)).

Book Review, 62 Rev. Pol. 382-385 (2000) (reviewing D. LOWENTHAL, NO LIBERTY FOR LICENSE: THE FORGOTTEN LOGIC OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT (1997)).

Book Review, Detroit News, Sept. 10, 1997 (reviewing C. BLACK, JR., A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM (1997)).

Book Review, 71 U. Det. Mercy L. Rev. 213-221 (1993) (reviewing D. KMIEC, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S LAWYER (1992)).

Book Review, 42 J. Legal Educ. 619-22 (1992) (reviewing M. GITENSTEIN, MATTERS OF PRINCIPLE (1992)).

Book Review, 34 Am. J. Juris. 231-44 (1989) (reviewing S. LEVINSON, CONSTITUTIONAL FAITH (1988)).

Book Review, 31 Am. J. Juris. 186-202 (1986) (reviewing H. BERMAN, LAW AND REVOLUTION:  THE FORMATION OF THE WESTERN LEGAL TRADITION (1983)).

Book Review, 31 Am. J. Juris. 174-86 (1986) (reviewing R. EPSTEIN, TAKINGS:  PRIVATE PROPERTY AND THE POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN (1985)).


Ruling is limited victory for religious liberty, Naples Daily News, July 12, 2014.

The goal of “separation” is used to interfere with religious freedom, Fort Myers News-Press, October 16, 2012.

The Privatization of Religion and Catholic Justices, 47 J. Cath. Legal Stud. 157-166 (2008).

Commentary on Public Display of Religious Symbols, Detroit News, December 18, 2006.

Commentary on the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Detroit News, May 17, 2004.

Granholm’s Abortion Stance is Off Base: Natural Law as Well as Faith Refute Her View, Detroit Free Press, October 17, 2002 (with Mark Latkovic & Janet Smith).

Was the Court Correct to Uphold School Vouchers?, Detroit News, July 1, 2002.

No Use of Skin Color Can Be Considered Benign, Detroit Free Press, March 30, 2001.

On the Need for a Federal Conscience Clause, 1 Nat’l Cath. Bioethics Q. 23-26 (2001).

Family Values and the Role of the State Supreme Court, Detroit Free Press, October 23, 2000.

Ave Maria School of Law, 21 NAPLA Notes 39-41 (2000).

The Importance of Parental Control over Education:  Reflections on Kiryas Joel, Supreme Court Review of the 1993-1994 Term (Free Congress Foundation:  Essays on our Times; No. 31; January 1995); reprinted at 86 Soc. Just. Rev. 120 (1995).

Constitution Allows Parochial School Choice, Detroit News, July 4, 1993.

Are the Barriers Against Killing Coming Down?, Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 21, 1989. (This opinion piece was reprinted in the National Right to Life News, November 16, 1989.)

Baxter Grabs Brass Ring in 1984 Antitrust Season, Legal Times, July 23, 1984 (with Joe Sims).

Sherman Act Slated for Facelift in Congress, Courts, Legal Times, May 2, 1983 (with Joe Sims).

Task Force Member, ABA Antitrust Section, Monograph No. 21, State Merger Enforcement (1995).

Task Force Member, ABA Antitrust Section, Monograph No. 13, Treble-Damages Remedy (1986).

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Publications - Books

Michael L, Coulter, Stephen M. Kranson, Richard S. Myers, & Joseph A. Varacalli , Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy Vol. 1 (2007).


Editor: St. Thomas Aquinas and the Natural Law Tradition: Contemporary Perspectives (John Goyette, Mark S. Latkovic, & Richard S. Myers eds., 2004).

Book Chapters

A Catholic Perspective on Church and State, in AMERICAN LAW FROM A CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE: THROUGH A CLEARER LENS (Ronald J. Rychlak ed.,) (forthcoming).

United States Law and Conscientious Objection in Healthcare, in COOPERATION, COMPLICITY, AND CONSCIENCE: MORAL PROBLEMS IN HEALTHCARE, SCIENCE, LAW, AND PUBLIC POLICY 296-315 (H. Watt ed., 2005).

The United States Supreme Court and the Privatization of Religion, in THE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM 271-285 (M. Saulle ed., 2001); reprinted at 6 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev. 223-236 (2001).

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