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The Bar Exam: MPRE

How to pass the Bar Exam

MPRE Information

The MPRE is required for admission to the bars of all but three U.S. jurisdictions (Maryland, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico). A list of jurisdictions currently using the MPRE is available on the MPRE FAQs page. Passing scores are established by each jurisdiction. Since the MPRE requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another, examinees are advised to check with the board of bar examiners in each jurisdiction where admission is being sought before registering for the MPRE. Contact information for jurisdictions can be found in the Bar Admission Offices Directory on the home page.


The MPRE is administered on computers provided by Pearson VUE at its testing centers. The MPRE consists of 60 multiple-choice questions: 50 scored questions and 10 unscored pretest questions. The pretest questions are indistinguishable from those that are scored, so you should answer all questions. Each MPRE question is followed by four possible answers. You should choose the best answer from the four stated alternatives. Scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly. Points are not subtracted for incorrect answers. Examinees will have two hours to answer all the questions. The test session will terminate automatically at the end of the two-hour period. See NCBE website for more information

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