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The Bar Exam: Exam day

How to pass the Bar Exam

What You Will Need on Exam Day

For the Florida Bar Exam on test day, only select items allowed into the exam room. They are as follows:

  • A jacket,
  • money,
  • keys,
  • and a picture ID

Laptop computers are permitted only if the examinee has registered and qualified through ILG Exam360® website. prior to the examination.

Note no food or drink is allowed in the test room. There will be water fountains and restrooms, but no food.

Tips for the Last Days of Study

Tip #1: Get a blank calendar because it is time to reevaluate.

Tip #2: Set your cutoff study time the day before the exam.

Tip #3:  Make time for full-length practice sessions.

Tip #4: Make a list of the subjects tested on the exam.

Tip #5: Take out a pencil and assign one MBE subject to each of the next 6 days of studying.

Tip #6: Assign at least one essay subject (if not more) to the six days of the MBE subjects.

Tip #7: Make daily goals.

Tip #8: Track weak areas.

Tip #9: Leave the last few days to targeted study and practice.

Tip #10: Don’t forget to take a break!

From Tips for a Rockstar Final Weeks

July 2020 Bar Examination

To proceed with the administration of the General Bar Examination on July 28 and 29, 2020 in accordance with Rule 4-14 of the Rules of the Supreme Court Relating to Admissions to the Bar. The Board has been working closely with the Florida Department of Health (“FDOH”) and other medical experts to identify and implement protocols that the FDOH requires for the safe administration of the exam for all involved, including applicants, administrators, and proctors. Please view the May 5, 2020 press release.



Exam Day

It Could Be Worse: Stories from the Bar

FindLaw's Top Ten bar stories.

  1. 1975: Just before the exam, a nervous examinee vomited on his electric typewriter and shorted it out. A nearby participant with two spares refused to lend him another.
  2. Florida, 2006: To promote security examinees had to go through metal detectors before entering the exam. But when the process took too long, proctors told everyone to run through (thus setting them off) so they could start on time.
  3. While we don't know when this happened, one commenter mentioned seeing someone bite their nails so badly their fingers bled during the exam.
  4. California 2008: An earthquake happened during the exam but that didn't stop test takers in San Diego and Los Angeles. Some examinees just kept going while others moved their laptops underneath their desks for added security.
  5. California 2010: 'Where's Waldo?' Apparently he took the bar exam, in full costume mind you, this year.
  6. Ohio 2011: A test taker brought flashcards into the exam and used them openly during the test. He made it about five minutes before proctors escorted him out.
  7. Florida 2011: Several people reported hearing 'the screamer' during this exam. One woman yelled for several long seconds before packing up and leaving the room.
  8. Illinois 2011: Everyone noticed the nine-months pregnant bar examinee in the testing room and many people say they saw her get up and leave with 30 minutes left on the last day. What most people didn't notice is that she left because she was in labor.
  9. Virginia 2012: Stress can be a health hazard and one student at this bar exam ended up having a seizure during the exam. Paramedics took care of him but everyone else kept on working.
  10. Indiana 2012: 'Bats' can be used to describe bar takers on the last day of the test but in this case examinees were talking about a bat infestation. It was disruptive but still didn't result in extra time.

Top Ten Strangest Things Seen During a Bar Exam

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